Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Interview with Tamara Hoffa - Roping Love!

Hi Tamara, thank you so much for hanging out today at the blog. And congrats on your new release.

1. First up, let’s chat about your new release Roping Love. Give us all the details on it.
Ten Years ago love slipped through Chance’s lasso. This time “He was going after her and she didn’t stand a chance, just like a calf in a chute, he was going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.”
Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, Chance Ryan. After ten years of absence Chance shows back up in her life. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance has some serious work ahead of him to win back the one woman he could never forget.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Review - Never Say Never by Aimee Duffy

You now those books you sit down and practically devour in one sitting? Yeah? Well this was one of them for me. Okay, it was actually two sittings, but the kindle died. :o/

This is the third book by the talented Aimee Duffy that I've read and think it was my favorite.  I loved The Monster of Fame, which was the first book in the series. But I think I loved this one just a pinch more. There was something about Sander from the beginning that just did me in and made me swoon. You see, I have a secret obsession with romances that have the heros as movie stars who fall in love with the everyday girl. While Sander wasn't a movie star, he was pretty darn close. And well, he just made my heart pitter patter. Each time he was in a scene and we got to be in his head, I wanted more and more Sander. Forget Chloe...Let's just change the heroines name to Lacey. <3

The chemistry in this book was hot. Ms. Duffy made us wait for the big bang scene. Which was fine. It really drew out the sexual tension. And there was a lot! This book was so much more than just the attraction that Chloe and Sander tried to fight. Ms. Duffy added a back story to both Chloe and Sander that tugged our hearts and made us keep reading to see how it all came togehter.

I really enjoyed this story and I think you will too!

Cover Reveal - Finally Found by Nicole Andrews Moore

Finally Found
By: Nicole Andrews Moore

Where one story ends, often another begins. For some reason, Adam Davenport can’t see past the ending. The hit and run has forced him to slow down and stop running from the pain of losing his parents. He has tried to hide behind meaningless, superficial relationships and even more shallow friendships, but the time has come to face his loneliness. Now he is finally ready to start being a family with his brother Sam. However, Sam and Haley, who was once Sam’s personal assistant, are too busy basking in their newfound love. Though breaking the rules for the first time ever has changed Sam’s life for the better, Adam has always broken the rules, strayed from responsibility, and done as little as he could get away with.

One of the main reasons that he refused to believe that Cammie was more than friend material was because she was impervious to his charms. She was so driven and determined to make her new catering company a success that she couldn’t see past her own dreams. Suddenly, Adam found himself behaving in ways he never imagined. He was working to impress a woman, but more than that, he was working to help make her dreams come true. He soon realizes that there are times in life when giving is more important than taking and when helping someone else is more important than what that person can do to reciprocate. He also learns there are times that the biggest risk is to stop hiding from emotions and to start allowing love to finally be found.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Never Say Never by Aimee Duffy

Book 2 in The Price of Fame Series

When pretend turns to desire, heartbreak is unavoidable.

Sander Chase needs a date for his ex-fiancée's engagement party, but he doesn't have time for a woman in his life. Between working on the TV show Do You Have What It Takes? and his band reforming, he's too busy for a relationship. What he needs is a pretend girlfriend. He thinks he may have found the perfect woman for the job, and the bribe he offers means she's sure to accept.

After losing her job in the film industry, breaking up with her movie star boyfriend, and finding out her mum has dementia, Chloe Butler returned to the UK determined to put her life back together. The last thing she needs is to parade around London on the arm of a celebrity, and after the heartbreak caused by her ex, she swore she'd never again date a star. But when Sander offers her a chance at her dream job, it's not something she can turn down.

As Chloe gets to know Sander she learns he's nothing like her scumbag ex. But she struggles to fight her attraction to him, knowing their relationship is only for show and their separation date is closing in fast.

Ignoring the insane chemistry between them should be easy for Sander, especially since he carries a secret that means there can be no future for them, but the more time he spends with Chloe, the harder it is to keep his hands to himself.

Content Warning: contains more denial than you'll find in a courtroom, more sexual tension than most people could handle, and explosive sex that some readers may find long overdue.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A hot new 1NS - Curve My Appetite by Melissa Kendall

Part of the Decadent Publishing 1Night Stand Series

Sally Austens’ sexual experience is limited and unsatisfactory at best. Now, as she turns thirty, it looks like the relationship train has missed her stop. When a friend tells her about 1Night Stand and suggests it might just change her life, she’s skeptical but shoots for the stars when asking for her perfect date. Go big or go home, right?

Dean Martorino lives in the public eye. Surrounded on a daily basis by society’s idea of stunning beauty, he longs for a woman with curves he can get lost in. At the suggestion of his long-time friend and manager, Dean shares his secret with Madame Eve hoping she can find him a match to fill his arms and satisfy his desires.

Can Sally accept the beauty Dean sees in her long enough to curve his appetite or will they both go home hungry?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Plotting To Win - Cover Reveal by Tara Chevrestt!

Coming Soon from Tara Chevrestt! PLOTTING TO WIN!
I want to first say, I got to read this book as a beta. I LOVED it!! You will too!
In New York City, seven writers compete for a hundred thousand dollars, a publishing contract with Bright House, and the title of the next bestseller. One is Felicity James. One is Victor Guzman.

Drama, plagiarism, and trash talk play out to enthralled audiences across the country as all seven contestants compete against each other in a range of heated challenges, with tensions reaching breaking point. As Felicity and Victor start up a show‐mance, their relationship burns up the ratings.

Will this sizzling fling escalate into a vicious battle for money and fame, or will these two authors manage to write their own happy ending?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: Stuck on You by Heather Thurmeier

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If being forced to team up with reality TV’s favorite bad girl wasn’t enough, falling for her brother might just make this reality show a real nightmare.

Paige Anderson agrees to be on a new reality show called Treasure Trekkers, a show where contestants use handheld GPS units to find hidden caches filled with prizes, with her good friend Cassidy. But when Cassidy is unable to compete, Chip Cormack, the show’s producer, steps in with a last-minute replacement to be Paige’s partner - Zoe Oliver, reality TV’s favorite bad girl.

Jack Miles (aka Miles) is a mountain climber with the body to prove it. Miles convinced his climbing partner Ben to come on the show with him for one reason - to prove to Ben that they can still hike together, regardless of the fact that Ben lost his foot in a tragic accident. Miles isn’t about to let anything get in his way of winning - not even beautiful Paige.

But when Miles and Paige are thrown into an alliance with their teammates, working closely together leads to more than just good strategy. Can Paige steal Miles’ heart while surviving Zoe long enough to win the game?

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Release: A Prior Engagement by S.L. Scott

Welcome S.L. Scott to the blog today. It's release day!

In a world built on pretenses, Everleigh Wright finds out just how carefully planned and plotted her Upper East Side life has been. Trapped in an engagement that was arranged for financial gain, she realizes things aren’t how she once thought.

William Ryder leads a life rich in family support and has endless determination. Over college courses and coffee, he becomes enamored with a classic beauty with a lot of secrets. Intrigued by her quiet propriety and quirk for ink, William falls for her, and she falls for him and his unfaltering optimism.

She was trapped in his world, wanting and hoping to stay there, to live inside their bubble forever.

Breaking free from the confines of her privileged life will cost her everything, and the star-crossed couple will discover if they are destined to be together or fated to be apart.

“Right here, right now is all that matters.”

Cameron's Quest by Lorraine Nelson

Cameron Manning has never forgotten his first love. Of Irish descent, he met red-haired, fiery tempered Lacey Kerrigan in England, but her family returns to Ireland unexpectedly and they haven’t any means of contact. He finds her and receives the surprise of his life.

Lacey is thrilled to see Cameron, but is afraid of being hurt again. She keeps her distance and rebuffs his advances while he’s in Ireland, certain that a long distance affair will never work. But when tickets arrive for her to visit his home in Canada, she realizes his love is true and is willing to give them a second chance.

Fate intervenes when they find a murdered man on Cameron’s back deck. All evidence points to Cameron as the killer. Can their reawakened love survive the stress of a murder investigation? Or will it be the catalyst that drives them apart forever?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Interview with Tamaria Soana and her new release Southern Embrace

Today I have Tamaria Soana on the blog for a little Q&A on her new release Southern Embrace.

Southern Embrace is a story that is very dear to your heart and the journey of getting this book written to published hasn’t been easy. Tell us a little about it?

I originally wrote Southern Embrace about a year and half ago. It was contracted by a Publisher that folded two days before it was to release. At this point it was only 8,000 words. I was giving a second chance with this story. After rereading it I decided to added almost 10,000 words that I believed only strengthened the story. To say I was thrilled that Beachwalk Press contracted it would be a major understatement!

You've done something different with this story. Instead of giving Savannah one hero in her life, you've given her two. In fact, both of them where men the reader could like. And Lance, the main hero, he has to redeem himself (the best type of romance). Did you have fun making him grovel and were you at all worried while writing that Savannah wouldn't forgive him?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Patricia Bate - Multi Book Tour

Love Thy Neighbor 
Rylee Parys, like her father and grandfather is a small time rancher with a big time problem. Embroiled in a bitter war over water and land, she stands alone against her neighbors who are dismayed to have a woman in control.

Ex-cavalry officer, Tom Duncan has returned home after the bloody civil war only to find himself in the middle of another war. Pitted against a slim, boyish looking woman, he’s uncertain who to believe. When the hostility boils over and becomes physical, Tom must make a stand.

As the clues add up these two bitter opponents must rely on each other to save not only their way of life – but the love that has grown between 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Malia Mallory - His Desire, Her Surrender

Sequel to His Need, Her Desire.

Tabitha Quinn's Hawaii vacation was anything but ordinary. Dominant billionaire Marcus Granger saved her life, swept her into his bed, and then left her heartbroken. Now she's back in New York, mourning the man she's sure she'll never see again.

Marcus may have left handprints on her skin, but Tabitha's left handprints on his heart: he tracks her down, and they resume the sizzling affair they began in the islands.

Tabitha belongs to Marcus body and soul in bed, but she worries she doesn't belong in his high-stakes world. They've already dodged a murder attempt, and now Marcus is fighting off a competitor's takeover. When the rival company obtains critical information, suspicion falls on Tabitha. She has to prove she's innocent--and worthy to wear Marcus's collar.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Naked Treats by Pepper Anthony is on sale for 99cents!

I'm very excited to have Pepper Anthony on the blog today. And she is celebrating the second anniversary of one of her releases!!!

First off, I want to say I've read this story and LOVED it! The story line caught my attention right away. And how it not. Rose has a job to cook naked for people. A man's fantasy for sure. If you haven't read anything by Pepper Anthony, then you're missing out. She has a way with words and while you read her work, you feel as though you are there Be sure to pick up NAKED TREATS while its on sale for 99cents! That's a steal for this great story that I promise you will enjoy.

Now, I will hand the blog over to Pepper Anthony. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tsavo by Laura Diamond - Release Blitz!

Author Laura Diamond had such a blast sharing her PRIDE series with you that she’s decided to self-publish a spin-off short story. Set in 1890’s Kenya and based on the man-eating lions of Tsavo, this young adult paranormal short has a decidedly horroresque bent to it.

Here’s a teaser trailer on YouTube:

New Release! EMMA by Micah Persell and Jane Austen

Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley won the literary world’s heart 200 years ago when Jane Austen first penned the story of their friendship-turned-love.  Emma is the young, rich, beautiful heroine with too much time on her hands and an overactive imagination; Mr. Knightley is her long-suffering friend who is always trying to steer her in the right direction. 

Their love story is one of deep, dedicated affection blooming into passion.  But what about all of that sexual tension that crackles in the subtext?  In this Wild and Wanton edition of Austen’s classic, Emma and Mr. Knightley burn up the pages as they give in to their baser natures.  Discover the sexy scenes that readers of Emma have been imagining between Austen’s lines since 1815.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kiss of Temptation by Sandra Hill

Ivak Sigurdsson had led a lustful life, leaving a trail of broken hearts--and lives--in his wake. Of course, a man can only live that way for so long, and when a vengeful husband finally breaks through Ivak’s defenses, he is given a choice: die, or serve the archangel Michael and become a vangel.

A thousand years later, determined to prove his worth to Michael and finally gain reprieve, Ivak is successfully avoiding temptation...until he meets Gabrielle Sonnier. The sexy lawyer is just his type, and Ivak wastes no time in telling her so. But Gabrielle has bigger problems on her plate than a horny Viking. So Ivak has no choice but to help Gabrielle, and in doing so, they might both discover there are more tempting things in life than work or play...like love.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Kindle Fire Giveaway - Hosted by I am a Reader, Not a Writer

Kindle Fire HD 7" Giveaway

HerStory - Celebrating Women!

27 authors have come together to produce one awesome book to celebrate women!

In ancient times, women were regarded as sacred. They were thought to hold the mystical power of creation—responsible for the continuation of our species. With the rise of science and religion, these myths were dispelled and their plight began.

HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women’s History Month is a collection of flash fiction and short stories from today’s top authors featuring female characters that exemplify strength of mind, body, and character. Some of these tales are based on real people while others are purely fictional. However, all are standing up for themselves and what they believe in.

Grab yourself a glass of wine or favorite hot beverage and get comfortable as you read about the lives of women who will light the fire in your soul.

This anthology features stories by Alexandra Chauran, Angelique Mroczka, Dahlia DeWinters, Danielle Villano, Dianne Hartsock, Dorothy L. Abrams, Gina Tonnis, Mary Terrani, Jodie Baptie, Justine Dee, Laura DeLuca, Lisa A. Adams, Lisa Cerezo, Lisa J. Yarde, Lori Beth Johnson, Lorraine Nelson, Marie Antonia Parsons, Megan D. Martin, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan, Mirella Patzer, Morgan Summerfield, Becca Diane, Lacey Wolfe, Sarah Cass, Shelli Rosewarne, Tara Chevrestt, and Toni Rakestraw.

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Release: Tempted by Trouble by Susan Arden

New Release -Tempted by Trouble by Susan Arden

When a woman is the magnet for the wrong man, it takes a bad boy to break old habits.

Carolina Rodriguez is a large animal veterinarian on a mission to escape South Florida and her overprotective family. Willing to do just about anything, she accepts a job in Annona, Texas over the Internet from a family connection.

At her cousin’s wedding, she runs into Matt, a handsome Texan in the church parking lot. Matthew McLemore is more than gorgeous, he’s Carolina’s new boss, and needs her help to determine why his cattle keep dying. Matt’s instantaneous attraction to Carolina sorely tempts him to push the boundaries of their work contract, but a roll in the hay may prove too volatile to handle. Until she arrives on his ranch and is too hot to resist.

Carolina refuses to admit Matt’s raw sexuality is more than overpowering or that she's the least bit tempted by this smooth-talking bad boy. But by the time the pathology lab reports comes back, they’ve explored every inch of each other. All of a sudden, this fiery affair is more than just a fling. And when a past flame threatens to overwhelm their new found romance, Matt must find a way to stake his claim to Carolina's heart before it's too late.
Warning: Contains a smoking mess of scorching love scenes.
Ice may be needed for blazing imaginations.