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Interview with Author N. Kuhn and Giveaway!

Please welcome author N. Kuhn to the blog today. She has a new release--2 actually this month. Sit back and let's get to know the author a little bit better.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a mother, I work full time, run a crochet business, a busy blog. When I’m not reading/writing, I do as much as I can with my daughter and husband.

2. What genre do you write?
Romantic Suspense. I prefer action with my romance. This gives me the outlet to put mystery, action, fighting and guns into my books while keeping it hot and sexy.

3. Please tell us about your latest release (insert title) and how you came up with the idea
Tucked In (The Hollywood Files) is my newest series. It was actually partially me and partially my publishing agent who came up with it. We were looking for a void to fill. There are so many paranormal and western, historical romances out there. We wanted to do something different while keeping in my genre I prefer.

4. Is it part of a series?
Yes, it’s going to be a series. Book 1 and 2 will release at the same time.

5. A must have snack while you write.
Not so much a snack, as coffee or Rockstar energy drinks! I don’t sleep much, with all that I do, working full time, mommy, wife and writing. So I’m always looking for that energy pick me up.

6. A fact that someone might not know about you.
I sing out loud while driving! Usually it’s whatever Disney CD my daughter is listening to at the time, but I’m almost always singing while in the car!

7. If you had to choose a favorite book that you’ve written, which would it be?
Most likely Mohawk Moon. It was my first, so it will always mean more to me than anything else I can ever write.

8. Advice to writers who have yet to be published.
Oh man, where to start. 1. Do not respond to negative reviews, it makes you look bad. 2. Edit, edit, edit 3. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. YOU will always be your best advertisement. 4. Just write. If a book fails, look at why, and fix it. Keep writing. Keep changing things up until you find something that works.

9. Is there a genre you haven’t written yet that you want to?
Erotica. I have another series in the works that I’m hoping will branch me into that genre a little more than my Romantic Suspense. I like getting down and dirty, and I’m hoping my fans will like it too.

10. Any quirky habits?
Eeep... too many to discuss

11. Have you written a character that most resembles you?
Yes, Janelle, from Mohawk Moon somewhat is me. I didn’t go through the past that she did, but I
was out on my own at a young age, and had to grow up fast. It’s made me a tougher, more mature person than most people my age, and I instilled that in my character. I really wanted her to be a strong female lead.

12. What type of hero do you enjoy writing about?
The cocky hottie! I love it when a guy is not your swooning hero. Love at first sight is ok, but I want there to be drama, I want my fans to be unsure if they love or hate him or both!

13. What are you currently reading?
Isle of Man by Ryan Winfield. He was my inspiration to get into writing and I soak up everything he writes. I’ve spoken with him a few times, whether for encouragement or just to pick his brain. He’s a phenomenal writer, and has made a success where most may have not.

14. What are you currently working on?
Buffalo Rocker. It’s my attempt at a Rocker Erotic Romance that is set here where I live. I’m hoping my local fans will enjoy it!

15. Anything that you’d like to share.

Yes, I’m begging everyone to watch my book trailers lol! It was my first attempt at making my own and I’m very proud of them!


Tucked In: Lianna (The Hollywood Files)

Lance Tucker is a force to be reckoned with. Hollywood elite hire him to handle their dirty work. Having spent years in the Special Forces, he has made a name for himself. Tucking In. If your lead actress disappears, he finds her. Got drug problems, death threats, he erases them. Dirty work that would make a grown man cringe, means nothing to Tuck. With his network of contacts, he’s able to keep things on the down low, assuring none of what you need hits the papers. But has Tuck met his match in Lianna Landry?

Lianna, a beauty since childhood, caught Hollywood’s eyes and hearts as a child. Growing up in glittery Hollywood, she did what a lot of child actors do, she fell down a path of destruction and drugs. She’s in and out of rehab and trouble, until a movie producer gives her a last chance at redemption. After disappearing, Tuck is sent to find her. But, when he does, she’s gotten herself in way over their heads. Can Tuck save Lianna from a certain death or worse at the hands of Akio Hokkaido? Can they fight their attraction long enough to stay alive?

Tucked In: Jessica (The Hollywood Files)

Lance Tucker has spent years trying to forget one of his early clients. Having thought she was dead, he spent his career trying to make up for it. Until she walks back into his life, upsetting the careful balance he once had. Can he forgive Jessica and help her escape the grasp of The Master, leader of The Coven?
Christian Thompson is the Golden Boy of Hollywood. When you have too much money, boredom is your greatest enemy. We see it all the time, funny religions, groups and cults provide a way to relieve the rich of their money and beliefs. He disappears with his son, and Tuck must face The Coven, posing as a Religion, to save the child. Will Jessica be able to help him, or is she just there to get in the way. Tuck faces his greatest challenge to date, forgiveness.


The N in N. Kuhn is actually Nicole. She was born and raised in western New York. She grew up with a love of books, and a passion for writing. She was always found with her nose in a book. She finally decided to take the steps to embark into self publishing at the urging of her Grandmother. Mrs. Kuhn has dedicated her second book to Janet Starr, as she passed just days after being published.

Nicole survives on coffee alone. Mostly Tim Hortons. (It's a NY thing.) A fan of drinking it from the time she gets up, until she finally rests. When not writing, she crochets and spends time with her beautiful daughter and her husband. Her friends call her Octo-Mom because she multi-tasks so well. Between her full time job, family, crochet and writing, it's a wonder she ever sleeps.Mrs. Kuhn feels that reading in our youth is a very important trait to instill. She reads with her young daughter as much as she can. "It's the most important thing a parent can ever do with a child. Read, teach them to read. Don't buy them toys, buy them books," She says.

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Nicole Kuhn said...

thanks for having me!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of your work as yet but I would love to...

moe77099 said...

Nicole thanks for all the fun little giveaways you have done for your release event. It has been really fun. I haven't been able to read them because I have been super busy but I was able to gift them and I hope those people enjoyed them. Congrats on your success. The sky is the limit for you.
Melissa C

Lauren Seiberling said...
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Lauren Seiberling said...

Both of your series look AWESOME! Are you going to write any more in the Mohawk series? (By the way, I LOVE the covers for that series!)

~Crystal~ said...

Nicole - I love reading romantic suspense and I've considered trying my hand at it but I'm nervous? Is there a method to your madness?

Nicole Kuhn said...

@moe77099 I'm glad you got to join us!
@Lauren Seiberling, thank you and... you never know *wink* I may have a few things up my sleeve
@Crystal, not really. I just sit down, and my fingers do their thing! Next thing I know, there's a book :)

Lacey Wolfe said...

The winner of the ebook is:
Crystal: I'll be messaging you!

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Lauren and Madammim

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Awesome giveaway! Thank you SO much!!!