Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post: Sarah Belle, author of Hindsight.

Please welcome Sarah Belle, author of Hindsight, to the blog today! I hand the blog over to Sarah:

Could you imagine waking up on your lounge room floor, with an aching head, throbbing, bleeding eye and then not being able to recognise anything in the room, with the exception of your husband and child, who look as though they belong in ‘Leave it to Beaver’ instead of the modern day?
Could you imagine living in a world devoid of modern technology? No mobile phone, computer, Ipod, DVD player, Washing machine, Microwave oven, coffee machine...not even an indoor toilet!
How about losing your financial independence – your job / career, credit cards? Unless you belonged to a wealthy family, you most likely finished formal education when you were 15 years old and then went on to work in retail, manufacturing or as a secretary. Marriage and childbirth ended any dreams of a career as your role was to be a housewife and mother – for the rest of your life!

On top of losing all of these things, imagine now that you cannot tell a soul about your predicament. Not one person, because if you do, there’s every chance you will be thrown into the local mental asylum and locked up for the rest of your life.
And if all of that isn’t bad enough, imagine that a gorgeous woman has the hots for your husband and you aren’t there to keep her away from him because you have time travelled backwards, over  years in the past – to 1961.
What’s happening to the business you’ve spent years building up, and the contract you just signed with the biggest Manager of celebrities and football players in the city – the very contract you have worked years for. The one that will catapult you all the way to the top of your profession as a Public Relations agent.
Could things get any worse? Of course they can! Things always have to get worse before they get better, don’t they?
Welcome to Juliette Wilde’s world!

Blurb –
Humour, wit, and just a touch of humility: the swinging 60s as you’ve never seen them before! 
The universe has sent Juliette a sign. She wishes it had been an email instead...
Juliette’s career is on fire, her marriage and family are in melt-down, and a red-hot goddess wants her husband. But those are the least of her worries when she wakes up on her lounge room floor in the year 1961.
Without any of her modern conveniences — nanny, housekeeper, surgically attached mobile phone, designer wardrobe, and intravenous lattes — Juliette is just over fifty years out of her comfort zone. But as she takes on the role of a 1961 housewife, with gritted liberated teeth, she discovers an unexpected truth: slower doesn’t mean boring, at home doesn’t mean dull, and priorities don’t mean sacrifices.
As she finds unexpected friendships, a resuscitated love life, tragedy and triumph, Juliette begins to wonder if she really wants to return home after all.

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Sarah Belle started her professional life in the hospitality industry, working in some of the
roughest hotels in Melbourne in the late Eighties, surrounded by drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and undercover police. Tiring of the inherent dangers of her working environment, Sarah completed a business degree and went on to work in the recruitment industry and the Department of Defence, where she met and married the man of her dreams: a dashing, Army Blackhawk pilot. They have four young sons and live on the beautiful Queensland coast, where Sarah's days are spent being a frazzled mum, writer, Bikram Yoga devotee and the only woman in a house of five males. 

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