Saturday, December 21, 2013

Above Par by Crystal Donahue

I am currently reading an excellent new adult romance by up and coming author Crystal Donahue. I'm only about halfway through, but this is a total swoon worthy book.

There are no mulligans in love. 

Drew's life just got a whole lot harder. Her relationships are falling apart, her little sister is failing math, and her parents are leaving for Florida to take care of Grandpa. Now not only does she have to play surrogate parent, study to graduate from her last semester of college, and deal with the looming threat of full-on adulthood, she has to do it all while running the family's mini-golf course by herself. Even the upbeat Drew is starting to feel like she just drove her ball down the unfairway. 

Her luck takes a turn when she meets Weston, the snarky geometry teacher. He's smart, capable, dependable, and handsome—a real hole in one. But even Weston has a few hazards of his own. Now Drew will have to decide whether his secret is the wedge that drives them apart, or pushes them together.

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Rushing into the building, almost sprinting, I’m looking down and frantically digging in my purse to find my cell phone. The secretary will probably ask me who I’m here to see, but I don’t remember the name of my sister’s math teacher. I need to read the text message one more time. Just as my hand finds the phone at the bottom of my bag, absentmindedly I turn the corner and run head first into a tall, solid figure.

The sudden impact, and the fact that I’m already off balance while turning, causes me to bounce back unsteadily. With absolutely no grace what-so-ever I fall flat on my butt as my purse, and all the contents inside, scatters across the floor. Dazed by the hard hit, I sit staring at my legs sprawled out in front of me for several seconds.

“Are you okay?” asks a voice from above me.

 “Uh…I…umm…yeah, I think so.” Shaking my head twice to help clear the confusion, I glance up and my breath catches.

Towering above me, and wearing a smirk that hints at the dimples in his cheeks, is the most incredible sight I’ve ever seen. I blink twice to make sure I’m actually seeing him clearly. I need to be sure this is for real and not some sort of hallucination brought on by head trauma. I just took a pretty hard hit after all.

He’s rubbing the spot on his chest where my head collided with him, but otherwise he seems uninjured. Brushing the front of his tousled sandy blonde hair away from his forehead, he raises an eyebrow and stares down at me with ice blue eyes beneath long lashes. His inquisitive gaze is so intense I can’t bring myself to look away. Catching me gawking, his smirk widens into a full-on grin as he waits for me to say something, anything.

His persistent stare has me feeling both self-conscious and euphoric at the same time. I know I should apologize for barreling into him, but unfortunately my brain and vocal cords don’t seem to be on the same page at the moment. Not that it matters. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost the ability to form coherent sentences anyway. Honestly, I’m lucky not to be visibly drooling.
“There’s no running in the hallway,” he explains in a deeply demanding voice, but with a noticeable hint of laughter. 


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