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Interview with Nikki Lynn Barrett - Baby Stetson

Today I have Nikki Lynn Barrett on the blog to talk about he novel, Baby Stetson. Sit back, and enjoy getting to know Nikki a little bit better. And then, learn a little more about her new release.

1.  Tell us a little about yourself. 
First, I'd like to say thank you for hosting me today! I really appreciate it!

Now, about me....Umm...I love all things creative. Writing is my best way to express myself, whether it be through stories, poems or song lyrics. It's always been a part of me. I'm a stay at home mom and wife, and I have my writing time when my 4 year old goes to a special preschool in the morning. I'm a weather fanatic, and often times when there's a storm outside, you'll find me there with my camera. Yes, we actually do get storms in Arizona! If you want proof, check out my weather site (I have been questioned before about storms in Arizona, believe it or not hehe) I'm crazy shy in person, but give me a microphone and I'll sing without hesitation. Is that enough about me now? Wink

2. What genre do you write?
 I'm all over the place when it comes to genre. My current books that are out are both contemporaries- one is a holiday romance, and Baby Stetson is contemporary with suspense elements. But I write in multiple genres. One story I have, Echoes of the Past, is a paranormal romantic suspense. I'm too bouncy to stay in once place :)

3. Please tell us about your latest release Baby Stetson and how you came up with the idea. 
 Baby Stetson has been in my head for awhile. I wanted it to be part of a series, about music, and a small town, and it grew from there. I thought about a woman that was adopted, loves to sing and somehow learns about her biological parents. Originally, Baby Stetson wasn't going to be Book 1, but then I thought about it and realized it would be perfect.

The book is filled with emotions. My heroine, Avery, pretty much wears her heart on her sleeve, but sometimes she also holds things in. Music is her escape. Lucas, the hero, is very jaded and he hasn't allowed himself to feel emotions in a long time (other than being angry) His character has the most growth out of them all, and he turns into a loving, playful man. (I have the biggest fictional crush on Lucas. Can't get him out of my head! And yes, my husband knows this. LOL)

4. Is it part of a series?
 Yes it is. Book one of the Love and Music in Texas series. Book two will give readers a glimpse of another character from Baby Stetson, and yet another new stranger in town. Yes, readers will also get to see Lucas and Avery. I can't quit those two.

5. A must have snack while you write. 
I'm noticing it's been pretzels.

6. A fact that someone might not know about you.
 I am visually impaired. I only see out of my left eye. Have been since birth.

7. If you had to choose a favorite book that you’ve written, which would it be? 
Choose? Makes a face....It's seriously a tie between Baby Stetson and The Secret Santa Wishing Well.

8. Advice to writers who have yet to be published. 
If you have a dream, pursue it. But make sure that you have a well written, well edited story. Don't be afraid to seek critique partners, and make sure you listen to constructive criticism. It will help you grow into a better, stronger writer.

9. Is there a genre you haven’t written yet that you want to?
 I've been writing all my life, so I've dabbed in various genres...but it would be either urban fantasy or time travel.

10. Any quirky habits? 
 We could be here all day....I don't know if it's OCD or what, but I constantly have to touch certain items near me to make sure they are still there.

11. Have you written a character that most resembles you? 
 Yes. Honestly, all of my heroines have a little of me in them. Take Cheyenne, from the Secret Santa Wishing Well. While she's a strong character and a loving mother, Cheyenne's doubts sometimes get the better of her. Avery is one that finds her release through music and writing, is emotional, but can hold things in. She's a lot like me as well.

12. What type of hero do you enjoy writing about? 
 Apparently lately, it's the jaded hero. The kind that takes awhile to show himself fully to the heroine. Both Jacob (The Secret Santa Wishing Well) and Lucas (Baby Stetson) are jaded. Lucas is more so. His journey to the man he is by the end of the book calls to me. I've known a lot of jaded guys in my life that come alive, and I've always seen something in them before they really open up, and I guess I brought that along in my book.

13. What are you currently reading? 
I'm in between books! Last night, I finished Cowboy Take Me Away, by Jane Graves, and I haven't started something new yet.

14. What are you currently working on? 
 The Melody in My Head. This is Love and Music in Texas, Book 2. We go back to Harmony's Echo, Texas, where Jameson gets his own happily ever after, and readers get to catch up with Avery and Lucas.

15. Anything that you’d like to share. 
I love the writing journey. Being able to live my dream, and have the support that I do means the world to me. I'm an author and a blogger, so I love seeing things from both sides of the fence. If you have a dream, I hope you'll find a way to go after it. I'm getting to live mine, and it's an indescribable feeling. Thank you so much again, for letting me hang out on your blog!

In small Texas towns, strangers come and go...

Left in a Stetson hat, on the steps of the local bed and breakfast, Avery Callimer came into the world on a wing and a prayer. Raised by loving adoptive parents, she's never lacked for love...only the knowledge of her past.

By day she works the Inn, but by night...Avery comes alive as lead singer in a band. Life was good...stable, until new guests blew into town. 

Some strangers come with secrets and lies.

Lucas Bennett is one such stranger. Drifting from one mess to another has left him jaded. Doesn't matter the dramas are never his doing. Giving it one last shot to make a fresh start lands him Harmony's Echo, Texas and smack dab in front of the tantalizing Avery.

Despite his best efforts to ignore the burn Avery's ignited within, he's intent to keep his distance. Secrets have followed him. Secrets he doesn't want Avery to know. Each time they're near the other things heat up like a brushfire on a dry Texas prairie. But maybe, after the dust settles and the smoke clears, love can bloom with a fresh start.

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Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She's an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade. The Secret Santa Wishing Well is her debut book. You can visit Nikki's site at: for more information. She is working on her next book. Nikki would love to hear from readers. Email her at

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@Stormgoddess925 on Twitter

Other books by Nikki Lynn Barrett
The Secret Santa Wishing Well


The bell jingled, signaling someone coming in.  Avery turned around to face the desk and put on a happy smile as the middle aged man walked up to the desk.  “Hi!  How may I help you?” Avery asked, feigning cheerfulness.  The man studied her for a second, his jaw slack, eyes full of curiosity.  He had tan skin, a faint hint of a mustache and beard, and his sandy brown hair kept short.  He stood straight, at a little over six feet tall.  His clothes were casual, wearing blue jeans and a plaid long sleeved shirt that he wore tucked in.

“Do you have any rooms available for about a week or so?” he asked in a gruff tone.

“Sure do.  Is it just you?” Avery asked, pulling up the registry on the computer screen.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Name?  And I’ll need to see a credit card and identification, please.  Oh, and here’s something you’ll need to sign.”  Avery handed him the forms.

“Rodney Morris.”  Two cards were shoved across the desk.  Avery blinked, took in a sharp breath.  “Excuse me?”  Her head whipped up, staring at him.  What did he just say?

Oh my God.  It’s him.

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